Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Spring Surfing Vol. 1: Skooks

Jason, Leslie, Rachael, Dane, Bri and I headed north to the Sunshine Coast for our first Skooks run of the year. We lucked out on weather and were the only paddlers there. Dane and Bri came to hang out and enjoy the area and the rest of us hopped on the wave. If you have ever stayed at the Backeddy Inn, you spend the time in camp watching the islands out in the middle of the channel. We paddled there Sunday morning and were amazed by the bountiful sea life there. A must when you have a free morning or afternoon waiting for the wave. Jason, Leslie and Rachael surfed Friday (a max of 6.0 kts). Bri and I showed up late Friday after avoiding elk on the drive up to surf Saturday's 7.8 kt afternoon flood.  A good time was had by all. Big thanks to Bri and Dane for taking photos and video and being overall good sports. We'll be back in a month for round two-can't wait!

Painted Star (Orthasterias koehleri)
Second wave

Birthday boy filming
Leslie bringing the bow back around

Freeing the ends!
The lovely photographers!
"the tour"
the throne
Most likely a Sea Lemon (Anisodoris nobilis)
Abundance everywhere

Rescue in Conditions

This rescue happened during our surf session at Skookumchuck Rapids in British Columbia just before a maximum flood of 7.8 kts. Lots of spinning!

Skooks Rescue from Donald Cheyette on Vimeo.

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Rocks and Swims

We decided to run the South Fork Stillaguamish at absolute bare minimum for canoes-5.4 feet. We hit everything-with enthusiasm. We had more than a few swims, rescues, and rock boofs. It turned almost every rapid into a tight, technical boulder garden. I swam for the first time in a canoe (in moving water!) when I couldn't make it to the only slot that would fit my boat. Loved having my Werner Nantahala-the paddle has such a strong bite to help catch micro eddies. It was especially nice having the reinforced edges when nearly every time I put my paddle in the water I hit a rock-that is how low the water was. And I am happy to say that there is hardly a scratch on the paddle after all that! Looking forward to water levels rising and getting back on the river.
Looking down at Wiley Creek Rapid
Looking back up Wiley Creek Rapid
Safety below Wiley Creek
Rachael practices lining her boat
Slipper rocks
Read and run fun
I have yet to not do a full spin in the middle of the most difficult rapid each time I paddle canoes. Figures