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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Sunday Funday in Deception Pass

Sunday afternoon 7 of us headed north to Deception Pass for a sunny, flat, and fast 7.2 kt ebb. We found rocks to paddle around, and worked on attainments, ferry glides, and stern squirts (yes, in sea kayaks!).  There weren't surf waves or wind to work with- just a day in strong currents. 

We started out by exploring the headland between Bowman Bay and Lighthouse Point, hugging the shoreline and finding a few slots to run through. Even with the smallest of swell there were a couple that took quite a bit of maneuvering to make it safely through.
The group heading around Lighthouse Point.
Steve working hard to get in the slot.
Barb concentrating.
Once we got in the pass immediately I was swimming. 1- it was a beautiful day and it is always good to practice, and 2- it was BLOODY HOT in my drysuit. So first I did eddy turns from the back deck, forwards, backwards, and sideways, followed by a back deck static brace (no pictures of these, unfortunately). Then Steve and I turned his Aries 15.5 into a double, while facing each other. It worked marvelously, but was a little like paddling a log.

After this John and I got out and traded off taking pictures and video. There is a nice rock to stand on that forms the major eddy on the ebb, and it let us get up close and personal with kayaks!

I gave John a ride in the eddy.
Leslie breaking in.
Stern squirt- where you throw your stern into the current, let water pile on top of it, and in a whitewater boat, you throw ends! It is pretty awesome. A sea kayak isn't exactly a whitewater boat, but here is how Steve's attempt went.
Steve's Stern Squirt Pt.1 
Pt. 2
Pt. 3: the Finale.
Jill breaking in.
Low brace for balance.

Steve doesn't pay attention often...
Me working the eddyline.
Jill checking out the bottom.
Steve and I racing after a tennis ball like dogs.
Another beautiful day in the Pacific Northwest.

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